AG’s Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit hard at work

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr announced that the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit working with local District Attorneys, local law enforcement and the GBI continue to aggressively prosecute both buyers and traffickers.

Recent prosecutions in four judicial circuits around the state have resulted in Grand Jury indictments of those individuals involved in the human trafficking trade.

General Carr emphasized the importance of collaboration and the ongoing commitment of his office:

Since September 1 of 2019, our Unit has been working in close coordination with district attorneys, chiefs of police, sheriffs, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and other public safety officials across the state to prosecute these cases. We are grateful for their collaboration as we pursue justice. In Georgia, we are united in the fight against human trafficking, and we will leave no stone unturned.

Specific cases are cited in the Law Department’s press release.

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