Opioid Settlement framework announced

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr today announced a global settlement framework agreement between state attorneys general, local subdivisions, and Mallinckrodt (MNK), its subsidiaries, and certain other affiliates. MNK is currently the largest generic opioid manufacturer in the United States.

In announcing the framework AG Carr said:

Our office remains focused on holding accountable those who were responsible for fueling the epidemic and securing resources for victims.  

In the agreement, MNK agrees to pay $1.6 billion in cash to a trust that will be used to help cover the costs of opioid addiction treatment and related efforts, with the potential for increased payment to the trust.

MNK also agrees that its future generics opioid business will be subject to stringent injunctive relief that, among other things, will prevent marketing and ensure systems are in place to prevent diversion.

The entire press release is available here.

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