Gov. Huckabee Endorses Doug Collins

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has endorsed Rep. Doug Collins’ U.S. Senate campaign in the forthcoming “jungle primary” race.

Rep. Doug Collins:

“Governor Huckabee is a leader who has never wavered from the conservative cause and I couldn’t be more proud and excited to have his support. He is a hero to me and to many Americans for fighting for our military, our shared values and the lives of the unborn. I think what I like most about him is his unrelentingly positive attitude and his faith in America’s future.”

Governor Huckabee:

“I’ve watched Doug Collins fight against all odds in a vicious Pelosi-led and Adam Schiff/Jerry Nadler fueled House of Representatives. He unflinchingly has stood up to the Trump-hating Democrats in the House and the Trump-hating media. Doug didn’t become pro-life to be elected. His commitment to the worth and dignity of every human life is not a political calculation, but deep spiritual conviction. His ability to articulate a heart-felt conservative position with uncanny clarity impressed me from the first time I heard him speak. But it’s not just that he SAYS the right things. Doug Collins DOES the right things because he truly believes in the right things. I have nothing against his opponent. I don’t know her and since her appointment, she has clarified past support of Planned Parenthood and Mitt Romney, but Doug doesn’t have to explain anything about his positions on life, taxes, impeachment, Israel, or support for President Trump. He fought in tough elections to be an effective Congressman and once there, he has fought for the issues that matter to me and people like me. No one has had to stand to his side to get him to boldly charge into the face of opposition – he LED the charge!

With President Trump proving that fighting back against the DC swamp works, we need more Senators who aren’t afraid to go where angels fear to tread to stand for us and with us. Doug Collins is tested, proven and consistent. And I’m proud to support him!”


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