Dr. NO maybe a “Yes”

In an email to supporters and a post on Facebook, 8th District State Representative Matt Gurtler indicated he is considering greener pastures than the Georgia House floor. The openings in Georgia’s 9th Congressional District and District 50 in the State Senate might be friendlier to self-proclaimed principled conservative.

With the announcement of Congressman Doug Collins seeking the U.S. Senate seat, as well as our State Senator John Wilkinson’s seat opening, I wanted to answer all your questions about whether I’m considering a run for either seat, the 9th Congressional or the 50th State Senate.

This is not something we expected so I’m considering what that would mean for my family, and I’m weighing my options, always with liberty in mind.

My family and I are praying about what could be a very impactful decision, and I want to say thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement these past several days.

Whatever we decide to do and whatever seat I run for, or if I simply run for reelection, the purpose is always to continue the fight against the establishment and to defend our Constitution. Of course, my priority will be to serve my district and the People of Georgia as your State House Representative during the 2020 session. I will be sure to inform you once a decision is made, very soon.

Our shared values and principles must always come before politics.

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Amiculum Libertas
Amiculum Libertas

Gurtler is a train wreck, he’s isn’t principled, nor is he a conservative. He is a contrarian that gets his joys from conflict and denial of some of even the most basic planks of the Republican platform. The man is so liberal socially he might as well be a Democrat, and he covers it up by overcompensating on his fiscal conservatism. It’s honestly time someone said it. Matt Gurtler has never been a Republican and has never been a Conservative. He’ll end up being just like his heroes Ron Paul and Paul Broun, another self proclaimed soldier of “muh liberty”… Read more »

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

A wet finger is in the air. There’s no wind outside the bubble, but who knows what’s inside..

Amiculum Libertas
Amiculum Libertas

I’m not sure I want to know what’s inside the bubble cause the outside smells like BS

Amiculum Libertas
Amiculum Libertas

Let us also not forget that Gurtler and his entire family, along with the GRA movement were never Trump people, and now, because it is popular, they overlook their “principles” to ally with the President because he is popular in their district. The amount of sanctimonious nonsense that comes from this mans mouth incenses me.