Competition in 2nd Congressional District

Politics in Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District just got a little more interesting as my good friend, Don Cole, has announced his intention to challenge incumbent Congressman Sanford Bishop.

Born in born in Barnesville and growing up in Bonaire, Don has a long history of conservative leadership in southwest Georgia.

In announcing his candidacy, Cole observed in part:

I observed the disconnect between the winning policies of the Trump administration and the whining press releases of Democrats and Sanford Bishop. Sanford Bishop and Democrats steadfastly stand with Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.

Two times Sanford voted to impeach President Trump. When, yet again, Sanford and Democrats turned their backs on us and cast those votes, I had an irrepressible conviction to put forth a clear and commanding choice for the people of Southwest Georgia.

Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District is one of the largest districts by size, and it takes in most of the southwestern fourth of the state. The district includes 27 complete counties plus portions of Bibb and Muscogee County.

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