AG Carr joins other AG’s as a “Friend of the Senate”.

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr announced yesterday that he has joined 20 other attorneys general in submitting a “friend of the Senate” letter outlining the legal flaws of the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Carr had these comments:

As the chief legal officers of our states, my colleagues and I felt it important at this time to weigh in and voice our objection to the legal and factual underpinnings of these impeachment proceedings. The legal theories underlying both Articles I and II are not only flawed, they are inherently destructive of separation of powers, contrary to the Framers’ vision of impeachment power and will set a dangerous precedent.

The Framers of our Constitution hesitated to give Congress impeachment power over the President for fear of it being used for political disagreements or as a partisan weapon and expertly crafted it so it could not, and we believe the Senate must expressly reject the articles of this impeachment to protect the office of the President and the Constitution.

The complete letter is available here

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