Secretary of State and Georgia Cyber Center partnership

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and the Georgia Cyber Center at Augusta University announced Wednesday their partnership on protecting Georgia’s election system against cybercrime. The University’s School of Computer and Cyber Sciences and the Georgia Cyber Center will work with the Secretary of State’s Office to help ensure the security and integrity of Georgia’s electronic voting system and advise the state on the safe use of these systems.

Raffensperger has been traveling Georgia meeting with local officials and community groups talking about the statewide implementation of the new system in time for early voting in the March 24 Presidential Preference Primary. Replacing the state’s 17-year-old electronic voting machines with modern, secure touchscreen ballot-marking devices, printers, scanners and locked ballot boxes is the largest one-time transition of election systems in U.S. history.

The Secretary of State had these thoughts on the partnership and the new voting equipment:

People are increasingly confident about the ease of use and the security of the new system as they learn more about it. The integrity of elections must be the priority, and this system accomplishes that with paper ballots that can be readily audited. 

The complete press release is available here

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