It’s Official: Senator Kelly Loeffler

Senator Kelly Loeffler was sworn in by Vice President Mike Pence on the Senate floor at 5PM tonight.

The Senator gave an interview to WABE’s Emma Hurt this morning, beginning with her gratitude for the chance to represent Georgia and Johnny Isakson’s legacy of statesmanship.

Senator Loeffler says she plans to get to work immediately, prioritizing staffing her Senate office to handle constituent requests and preserving the job market that has brought us Georgia’s lowest unemployment rate ever.

That booming economy has been her focus while traveling throughout the state. Loeffler praised President Trump’s economic leadership and noted farmers and manufacturers support for his trade policies — “making sure we have not just free trade but fair trade.”

Loeffler reports fully stepping away from her role as CEO of Bakkt, a Bitcoin exchange subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange.

On the impeachment trial before the Senate, Loeffler hopes to “get past this impeachment exercise and get back to the issues that are on American’s minds,” calling it a “partisan exercise.” The impeachment of President Trump has become less popular since the formal process began.

Senator Loeffler concluded with what she wants all Georgians to know about our new Senator: “I’m here to work for everyone in our great state… I’ve been so fortunate to live the American Dream and I want to protect that for future generations.

“I’m going to do everything in my power to serve every Georgian.”

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