President Trump Qualifies for the 2020 GOP Ballot

The GAGOP announced today that President Donald Trump was the only candidate who qualified to appear on the party’s 2020 presidential primary ballot.

Republican Chairman David Shafer explained the party’s two-part qualification process: a significant level of support among Republican voters in Georgia and an “unambiguous” pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee in the general election.

The decision was made unanimously by the party’s state executive committee, in accordance with state law.

The party followed the typical process, posting a notification to potential candidates on November 14. The only other applicants were “President R19 Boddie”, perennial, party-switching candidate Roque “Rocky” de la Fuente, former Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL), and former Massachusetts Governor and one-time Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee Bill Weld.

A recent AJC poll found President Trump has at least an 87% approval rating among Republicans.

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6 months ago

looking at the posting, i see a couple of qualifications that might trip a potential challenger up…and i honestly don’t know how vigorous weld and walsh have been campaigning…but there is precedent for a challenger to the incumbent prez being on the ballot as recently as 1992 with buchanan…

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