Morning Reads for Wednesday, November 13


There Be Dragons

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Light em if you got em. The commission has finally be formed. Bet you can’t wait to grow that wacky tabacky? As a farmer it would be very profitable. Do not worry the government has you back. It will be so expensive that the only one who can afford to get into the game will be successful drug dealers or someone who has the money backing of a cartel.


I remember ‘Uncle Zekie’ on the side lines of the frozen tundra in the late 70’s as Coach Star’s Assistant coach. Got to hear all the stories from dad – when the Packer’s were losing – of when Zecki was Bart’s back up, the glory years of the 60’s, seen his spot at the Green Bay Hall of Fame. My uncle was a Baltimore Colts fan, so the pair of them would chat after two (or seven) beers over how back up Zekie had to save the day for Bart and the Colts lost in overtime. “… day after Christmas…… Read more »

John Vestal
John Vestal

Played AND coached at GB with Bill Curry…

coachbill curry twitter
coachbillcurry twitter2


My dad had rules when the game was on and we could not go outside to play – either take a nap or watch with him. Only Packer game related questions were allowed. Like “who is the guy talking to Bart?”, “That’s blah blah blah”. “Why did they call that play?” “That’s a good question. I was wondering that myself. You might need to write Bart and ask him for the two of us.” I wrote a lot of letters to Bart and other Packer coaches that season.