And So It Goes….

What a heartbreaking game. Man….we say that an *awful* lot with Georgia sports, but this one hurts. We say that an awful lot too.

The Atlanta Braves, who had a more spectacular season than the “experts” said they would have, ended their postseason bid tonight in a spectacularly devastating do-or-die Game 5. We died. Some watched while an opposing team celebrated their season progressing to the National League Championship Series. Again.

And I’m not angry. I don’t think Brian Snitker should be fired. Injuries have plagued the Braves in the waning part of the season. The ability to keep players healthy was definitely a concern. I can imagine the loss of setup man Chris Martin before a single relief pitch in the 8th inning of Game 1 had to have cause the team to lose a bit of focus and ultimately the game. Freddie Freeman had been battling a bone spur that, although he insists it didn’t, had to have some affect on his performance.

I’m disappointed. I wish this team could have went all the way. They are fun to watch, and I love seeing their talent on the field and their camraderie. They love the game, they love each other, and they love their fans. I know they are disappointed in themselves for letting us down.

I’m sad. I’m upset. I’m frustrated. I’m disappointed that we are, once again, on the outside looking in. I still love this team. We may have to look at making moves in the off-season for shoring up the bullpen and a solid starting rotation, but I still believe in this team.

There’s always next year (we say that an awful lot too), but there’s a reason why the Braves’ motto this postseason was “Relentless”. I think they will continue to work towards bringing another World Series title back to Georgia.

Pitchers and catchers will report before we know it (Ginny) for spring training next year. Oh, and Bryce Harper and the Phillies didn’t even make it to the postseason, so there’s some satisfaction in that.


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