Morning Reads – Wednesday, August 28, 2019

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Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

It’s one embarrassment after another. It’s not consoling that Trump’s new embarrassments of the country eclipse the old before they’ve hardly circulated. At least we at home we know it’s a Republican thing. Much of the world, and some American media, associate Trump’s ignorance and lying with America. MAGA. Trump boarded a plane to the G7 shortly after stating “I hereby order” American companies to get out of China, where he stated American companies should “stay there and do a great job.” A great job for President Xi, who is “a great man” and also “the enemy.” Then Trump said… Read more »


My Labor Day weekend would not be complete with out some type of tropical event… be it rain bans, tidal surges, a minor tornado from a dying hit in the gulf or an actual hurricanes/tropical storm…

Today we have astronomical high tide with a minor depression hundred or so miles out to make it interesting.


I have been seeing this slowly become a thing in local governments (city County BOE) in the last 3-4 years…