Rosetta Stone Communications: Sakrison Leads HD71, But Likely a Runoff

Rosetta Stone Communications conducted a survey between August 20-21 of 300 residents in Georgia House District 71 via phone for the special election to be held on September 3. The poll shows that Marci Westmoreland Sakrison (R) leads at 30.3%, well short of an outright victory. Phillip Singleton (R) is polling at second at 21.6%, with just behind at Jill E. Prouty (D) at 20.1%. Undecideds come in fourth at 18.3% and Nina Blackwelder (R) is in the caboose position at 9.7%.


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More about Sakrison and that race here:

I hope voters are smarter than to fall for these stupid “socialism” memes the GOP has tied their wagon to.


Yeah. Why can’t they just stick to tired tag lines like, “Too liberal for Georgia.”?

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

Capitalism in under attack by some corporations and billionaires, and you see what the GOP is doing about that.