GA-6 Loses a Candidate; GA-7 Gains One


The AJC is reporting that Donnie Bolena, Republican candidate for GA-6, has withdrawn from the race due to pressure from GOP officials to drop out. In a Facebook post, Bolena referred to himself as a “white nationalist” which did not sit well with a lot of people, including possibly the President Donald Trump camp. There was also an accusation of a “filthy” proposition made online by him, but Bolena denies it.

The following is a Facebook video by Bolena announcing his withdrawal.


The NRCC has weighed in after State Senator Zahra Karinshak entered into the GA-7 race as a Democrat. The NRCC states:

“Karishack, a first-term lawmaker who was endorsed by President Obama and Planned Parenthood last cycle, is running to be a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi and the socialist Democrats.

But buckle up folks…with 6 socialist Dems in a race to the left, this primary’s bound to get messy!”

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“socialist Dems”.

Jesus Christ you people just won’t stop will you? You have no idea what a real socialist is and you use it to describe progressive Dems as a scare-tactic phrase. Why don’t you stop vilifying the people on the left and calling them names you don’t understand and just talk about what they believe in and what they want for our district.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

the matter is illustrative of the GOP having become a Trump cult. I’ll explain after a couple of quotes per the AJC: “I said I was a proud white nationalist. Due to the shootings that happened in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, I was very aggravated and very mad at the way the liberal media comes after conservatives. It comes after our Second Amendment.” “I said I’m a white nationalist. Which means I’m a white man. I’m a proud white man. And I’m a nationalist.” Who knew white nationalist had different meaning than simply a nationalist that happens to… Read more »


I think the real issue that bothers the left so much is they never thought the right would actually read Rules for Radicals and use it against them. It is entertaining to watch but it isn’t so much fun when the other side adopts your tactics is it?


Every American Political party and candidate election campaign is built on disinformation. Russia upped the game and used both parties tactics . Political Consultants left in the wake are going, “Why didn’t we think of that?” Never fear, 2020 is near.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

It indeed will be interesting as to what happens to the GOPs normalization of Trumpism and other new rules when demographics takes its inevitable toll. Some of it isn’t going to change back.

Others are still in the making or process of refinement—for instance the rule that Presidential nominations to the Supreme Court in an election year will need to be modified in event of a vacancy in 2020.