Morning Read(s) – Wednesday, June 12, 2019

So… it’s still the morning. Kinda.

We’ve tried to bring up the volume of posts in the last couple of weeks and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. We hope that you have enjoyed.

Today is more an administrative post day. We are working to fix a couple of bugs between Facebook and WordPress that are plaguing not only our site, but some others. We are working on the backend to speed up page loading and those others things you guys will never see, or probably notice.

The one thing we would like to get is a “regular reads” list from you all. What are the pages that you frequent the most looking for information about politics, economics, international affairs? Stuff like that. Are there bloggers out there that you think we should incorporate into our fold that aren’t getting the volume of reads you think they should?

Thanks for being relatively civil in the comment section recently, we know it’s hard for you.

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Walker County Messenger, Tyler Jett with Chattanooga Times Free Press,, victory girls blog….. articles not behind paywalls.


I get most of my news from the regular mainstream places, but on twitter I like
@TheViewFromLL2 ‏
@eorden ‏
@peeweeherman ‏


I’d be interested in what front page posters read (and listen to) to inform their opinions, in addition to Doug Collins’ press releases.

I don’t know much about economics but I still enjoy A lot of the posts and comments there have an academic and partisan focus that I find impenetrable or off-putting or both, but there are also plenty of solid exchanges on policy and politics, as well as food and books and travel.


I look at:
Georgia Health News
Georgia Budget And Policy Institute
Associated Press


What do you all think about “concierge” physicians where you pay $1500-$2000 (on average in the Atlanta area) per year for better access to the MD? They still bill insurance but you get access to that day or next day appointments with less waiting time in the office. Also you have more time with your primary MD to ask questions and discuss healthcare.
From 2016:

also: (the website of this practice)