Morning Reads – Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Yeah, so… it’s hot outside. Here are some rules for using Facebook while you should be working, followed by morning reads:

  • If you find a meme funny, and 15 of your friends have posted it, share it. Don’t rewrite the meme as your status. That’s basically fraud, and internet jail will be rough for some of you.
  • Stop sharing news articles that are 5 years old. Especially news articles about celebrity deaths. No one wants to relive the day that their favorite actor ____________ died from ________________ while _____________.
  • Yes, Donald Trump is an amazing POTUS. Yes, Donald Trump is a terrible POTUS. Yes, you found that one thing that is going to change the other side’s mind. Yes, that stripper does like you too.
  • Post more pictures of food, and for everything that is holy tag the damn restaurant so we know where to find it.
  • If you don’t like something you really don’t have to comment on it. You are allowed to stroll on by and not engage.
  • Always post more pictures of your dog. Your cat doesn’t want you to take pictures of it anyway.
  • Margaritaville at Lanier Islands brought on 100 new employees this summer to handle the expected 50k more guests over last year’s summer season.
  • Felons voting. Should people who violated the public trust be allowed to vote while finishing their probation?
  • ”Who watches the Watchman?” HBO is still filming in Macon even though some studios and paid “talent” are calling for wider protests.
  • Savannah really needs to figure out the whole “decibel meter” thing. The current settlement between the Foxy Loxy Cafe and the immediate neighbors is just dumb.
  • Kid runs a stolen car into a Chik-fil-a dining room at 4AM. Manager and staff have the drive-thru open at 11AM. God bless hard workers.
  • Say goodbye to oysters. Say hello to shrimp. DNR releases commercial schedule for shrimp and oyster harvest.
  • Mercedes-Benz USA CEO heading over to AMB (company that owns the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United) as COO.
  • GT officially opened Coda on the 23rd. A 755k square foot building specifically built to foster collaboration between business and the institution.
  • Sonny’s op-ed on USMCA doesn’t mince words concerning what he thinks about his Alma Mater’s study findings.
  • Heat = Dry. Dry = ripe for fire. Keep an eye out.

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Here’s a handy link to get ahead of the curve for who will die again on Facebook today. May they all rest in peace. Again.


Sonny no doubt intentionally ignores the point of the UGA ag forecast, that Mexico’s increasing government subsidies, extended production, lower labor costs, and intrusion into Georgia’s harvest schedule pose a serious economic threat to Georgia producers, and those concerns are not addressed in USMCA.

I’m not an expert in ag markets or economic modelling. There may be some middle-ground between Sonny’s reassurances and UGA’s predicted losses for Georgia farmers. But cheer-leading about the joys of NAFTA 2.0 and how Trump loves farmers better than anybody doesn’t bridge that gap, and worse, it pretends that gap doesn’t exist.

UGA report here:


The problem with putting an anti-dumping provision into new-NAFTA is that it opens the US up to the same anti-dumping claims when it comes to seasonal crops like Washington-grown apples. If you put in strong anti-dumping measures to appease farmers in Florida and Georgia, it comes at the cost of hurting farmers in Washington and California.


Yeah, it’s a tough needle to thread. That’s why trade agreements have built-in appeals structures. re apples, USA greatly outproduces Mexico. I believe they and Canada are top importers of US apples. I don’t know how much Mexican apples affect prices for US producers. Also, I don’t know if their seasons overlap. Someone dumping in your off-season isn’t the same as dumping when you’re fighting for best price for your new crop. Forgot to add that USMCA leaves the status quo unchanged re apples. From an apple industry newsletter: “Since the enactment of NAFTA, apple exports to Mexico have quadrupled… Read more »


My understanding is that all the hip types are moving away from facebook anyway, leaving it to us less tech-savvy websters. And we don’t have to know the difference between “sharing” and “reposting”, so screw all that. Speaking of hard work, the Shrine carnival at Jim Miller Park (Marietta) ended Monday night, and by Tuesday night was packed up and loaded, ready to roll. Impressive! I think Amber (or maybe it was Autumn) really did like me. Yes I think felons should be allowed to vote. They are still citizens, and some of them may have an important perspective on… Read more »

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

Sonny’s words: “Let me give you some real data on Georgia’s agricultural output. Over the past 10 years under NAFTA, Georgia growers have seen vegetable sales increase by more than 23%, fruit and nut sales have gone up more than 100% and crop receipts have gone up more than 50%. Farm income in Georgia grew by more than 20% during that period.” So basically vegetable sales and farm income are the same, adjusted for inflation. We’ll have to see where pecan and blueberry sales are this year. Trump’s right hand man forgot to mention that Trump is a stable genius.


The world needs more dog pictures.