Morning Reads for Wednesday, March 20, 2019

So it’s the day after… here’s a breakdown of some of the votes from yesterday:

Skidaway and MARTA in Gwinnett (guess they didn’t think it was too “great”).
You can now drink earlier in three Gwinnett cities…

  • Question… who buys a house that backs up to 400 and doesn’t expect it to get any wider?
  • El Niño is causing a delay in planting crops.
  • The “Broadband Bill” has passed both the House and Senate.
  • $1.67 billion (with a “b”) battery plant broke ground in Commerce will supply batteries for VW electric vehicles… wonder if they will go in the Bugatti EV that is being planned?
  • SSIC is partnering with ATDC.
  • Covington pharma plant gets approval from FDA to begin producing a 2nd formulation.
  • Former Georgia State Senator Cecil Stanton is leaving his post at ECU.
  • Georgia man is the first person in San Diego to die from crashing scooter into tree.
  • NATO – (the other) Georgia Exercise 2019 started Monday.

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Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

The US has the highest rate of maternal mortality rate in the developed world, an exceptional 46 of 184 countries: Georgia has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality rates in the US: A bright side of HB 461 is back-alley or self pregnancy terminations that result in a woman’s death will be less than those at clinics, so the pulsing fetal mass legislation, combined with TV healthcare, will drive down the maternal mortality rate. Another favorable is it’s a reason to tune out Trumper squawk about anchor babies (of which I’m no fan) since they’re adding… Read more »


Sen. Perdue on twitter: “There is a five-alarm crisis at the southern border. I’ve seen it firsthand. This is not just about illegal immigration or building the wall. It’s about the explosion in illegal drug trafficking. @POTUS is right to take action to protect the American people.” No one really denies there is a problem at the border. Thoughtful leaders have proposed sensible border controls, but POTUS has insisted on “a wall” because fulfilling a childish campaign slogan is more important to him than actually solving the problem. Sen. Perdue seems to be following a business career strategy. You suck… Read more »


So Catoosa planned their TSPLOST like Dade. Pretty much just give us the money and we won’t have to raise property taxes. Then when they got a little opposition they came out with we will pave the roads with gold. No specifics and when they did list specifics they said we may or may not pave these roads. Just trust us and give us a blank check book. It only another penny. Then as a last minute effort the said you pass this and we’ll build a bridge over the railroad with this money… And they still wonder why it… Read more »


I have been WAITING all day for the post about the 25th anniversary of death of the Patron Saint of GeorgiaPol.

3:30… still nothing. Don’t make me post the column on realistic Winter Olympic sport categories…