Morning Reads – Wednesday, March 13, 2019

It’s getting warmer out. The storms are coming. Shorts weather is coming. For God’s sake don’t make us look at pasty legs.

Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick again proves why we can’t have nice things.
The ACLU sues 4 counties over the 2018 election.
Coordinated migration is the key to flipped GA?
If you go looking for an answer, you will find an answer.
We laugh at Florida Man, North Carolina laughs at Georgia Man.
Chairs care costs are rising, will a Trump budget proposal help?
Valdosta/Lowndes hosts an Agriculture Awareness Week – March 18-22.
The growth of organic farming in North Georgia.
People… vaccinate your kids.
So, you’re saying that religion can cause tension between countries?

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Spring doesn’t change and neither does baseball. Everything else becomes alien and unrecognizable.

From Baseball Think Factory quoting a Washington Times article of March 13, 1919:

“Fred Harveycutter, a Washington fan, accompanies the Griffmen to Augusta [for Spring Training]. Fred is a great buttermilk fiend and admits that Augusta provides the best buttermilk in the United States.”

You go, Augusta buttermilk producers.


Is it public sculpture? An architectural and structural work of art? A cardio work out?