Morning Reads – Wednesday, March 6, 2019

I’m feeling very uninspired to come up with anything witty to say.

  • GAGOP County Conventions are happening this weekend, so are the Precinct Mass Meetings and County Convention double header for the counties under 80k in population. – Check your local party website/facebook for details.
  • HB 324 passes the GA House 123 to 40.
  • Poor puppies.
  • Pretty sure this a career killer.
  • Serial rapist in Clayton County.
  • Guess he saw too many dudes in jorts on his visits to UF?
  • If you haven’t been to the Georgia National Rodeo in Perry you are missing out.
  • A Masters in Sustainability? You can get one at GT now.
  • Georgia State gets some money to help students transition into the workforce.
  • The other Georgia is hearing some familiar claims about voting.

Also in other news… Atlanta United will be playing Monterrey in the first leg of the Concacaf Champions League tonight at 10PM EST.

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Speaking of sustainability… In case anyone was wondering what Stephanie Stuckey has been up to:


Southface is a great resource for the building industry. Use them to find links and research all the time.


For Women History Month… a reminder the world is literally designed for males.


So if we place tariffs on foreign made goods and produce American business and families are still going to buy (at a higher cost), but countries stop buying American made goods and produce… what will happen?


I don’t know. Maybe another debt-financed tax cut? A dollar devaluation? Recession?

I’d feel much more comfortable about the US economy if I had any confidence at all that Trump et al wouldn’t consider it winning bigly if we sent out ships full of American made goods and they all came back empty.

It’s worth noting the trade gap isn’t all China, although they’re the big boys. The US also had record imbalances in December with Mexico and the EU. Trump has put tariffs on all three.


Or you increase the trade deficit.