Morning Reads – Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Well… it’s the day after.

  • Barton beats Vaughn in the House District 5 special election.
  • A decade after the last Cost of Living increase for retired state employees there might be a change.
  • Georgia Baseball is in the top 15 according to major polling.
  • Teacher taunts child. Child throws chair. Teacher gives student a concussion. Clayton County.
  • Georgia Air National Guard’s 1st Lt. Andrea Lewis will pilot a JSTARS E-8 on deployment later this month. She will be GANG’s first black female pilot to do so.
  • Tourism revenue in Georgia topped $63 billion in 2017. Almost a 4% increase year over year.
  • The Kia Telluride will ship globally from the Port of Brunswick. The parts for it will be imported though the Port of Savannah.
  • Following last years merger with the Atlanta Humane Society the Georgia SPCA will be fully dissolved into the AHS when the new Duluth HQ opens.
  • The other Georgia has another sex tape issue. I’m thinking of the Borat nude wrestling scene and cringing.
  • Sign-ups for the 15th Annual Paddle Georgia begins tomorrow.
  • Florida Man drives through gate at Pensacola “International” Airport. Does donuts in the grass. Does donuts in a hanger. Arrested. Looks a lot like Ed.
  • Pitchers and Catchers report next Friday for the Braves… if you care about anyone else, look here.
  • Atlanta United will reveal their new kit (with the star) next Friday.

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Robert Blizzard sounds like the name of a d-list villain in a bootleg Batman comic. If I want hot takes from Republican pollsters on goings on in Democratic politics, give me Hassinger or give me death.


It does sound like a stage name. I also think that these kinds of opinions from pollsters just indicate that their polling practices are probly not objective either.
I think Abrams did generally decent- her best moments were the opening personal stories and hitting hard on the shutdown. I heard a rumor she may be alternatively considered for a VP nomination.


Hey, when Matt Barton gets to Atlanta someone please take him to K&G to get a better fitting suit.


Bring on baseball season!


I don’t know if I should feel hearten that TheDeepDark doesn’t read my posts or sadden.


The visitors in the gallery were an inspiration!


A good explainer about how the tax laws changed:

The money quote:
“…both taxes owed and withholdings went down, but withholdings went down too much.”