State Ethics Director suspended with pay

Today, the Georgia State Ethics Commission suspended with pay current Executive Director Stefan Ritter. Commission Chair Jake Evans will oversee the investigation into a December complaint about irregular work hours and inappropriate material on his work computer, according to the AJC.

Mr. Ritter called the allegations “untrue.” He told that the AJC that he “hasn’t even seen any allegations,” although it is unclear if that quote was given before or after his suspension.

Mr. Ritter received praise and a commensurate raise for clearing a longstanding backlog of 150 complaints in 2017.

In 2019, the Ethics Commission was expected to resolve an interminable inquiry into former State Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine’s 2010 race for governor. So as not to the influence the 2018 election, complaints from last year will be adjudicated in the coming months.

As the State Ethics Commission faces a year of backlog, it finds itself without a leader.

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