More Stadiums

Credit to political commentator Robert Patillo, who likely knows far more about sports than I, for reminding us that we have had NINE professional sports team stadiums with very few national titles.

Fulton County Stadium + Georgia Dome + Mercedes Benz = No Titles

Omni + Phillips Arena + State Farm Arena = No Titles

Fulton County Stadium + Turner Field + Suntrust Field = ONE Title


Shouldn’t Georgia’s sports teams WIN more to keep getting upgraded stadiums on tax payer dollars?  I’ll admit I am not big on sports so I am with a rare group of Americans who just don’t get the fascination with watching other people play a game, sweat, and in the case of Georgia teams – often lose.  I like college sports because they have bands.

Welp here is to hoping that we finally take care of the neighborhoods surrounding these upgraded stadiums as well as we take care of the stadiums themselves.

In an effort to laugh to keep from crying … I got a nice giggle from Douglasville Mayor Pro Tem Richard Segal’s reaction to the story.

No one burned down you she-shed Sheryl! But they did take down your big screen Philips TV.

#NFLProtest #BeBest


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