Court Docs: NM Compound defendants planned to attack Georgia hospital

Documents revealed in court in New Mexico indicate that defendants allegedly found to be training children to carry out armed attacks on government institutions had a Georgia hospital in their cross hairs.

The Taos District Court in Northern New Mexico heard a motion Friday to review a previous ruling on the grant of bail for the five people arrested on allegations of child abuse and other criminal activity at the compound.

The 8th Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Taos said the largest hospital in Georgia, Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, was one of the targets. The local newspaper, The Taos News, was among the first to release the details brought to light in court. The paper said one of the defendants claimed she was unhappy with the treatment both she and her mother received from Grady.

The specific information on Grady was not made public, or even revealed in court papers, in the August 13 pretrial detnetion hearing, The Taos News said. Earlier this month, Judge Sarach Backus ultimately ruled that the five defendants could be released. At least one was taken into custody by ICE agents. The Taos News wrote Saturday:

“In her ruling [on August 13,] Backus said prosecutors had failed to show sufficient evidence the defendants would pose a serious threat to Taos County if released. She cited a lack of detail regarding the alleged attacks, as well as a lack of focus on the actual charges the five adults faced: 11 counts of child abuse related to living conditions the children were subjected to at the compound just north of Amalia near the Colorado border.”

But the specifics reveled last week as well as claims from the parents now fostering the children rescued from the compound that the children said they “were being trained to carry out school shootings.” All of this is on the heels of the discovery of a Georgia toddler found dead in a tunnel, allegedly having his medication withheld by his father, and ultimately dying during an Islamic ritual in December 2017.

District Attorneys also argued that the “Phases of a Terrorist Attack” document discovered at the compound was compelling for bail to be revoked.

No decision was made with regard to the five defendants last week, but is scheduled to be decided on Wednesday, August 29.

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