Governor Deal Re-Opens Nominations For Supreme Court Opening

Yesterday, Governor Nathan Deal appointed Georgia’s Solicitor General, Sarah Hawkins Warren, to fill the seat of former GA Supreme Court Justice Britt Grant, who now is with the U.S. 11th Circuit. She was on the list provided by the Judicial Nominating Commission prepared to replace retiring Chief Justice Harris Hines.

Governor Deal has extended the deadline for applications for the seat, though all those previously nominated will not have to re-apply, according to the Daily Report.

The commission will meet to interview applicants on Sept. 11 at the State Bar of Georgia headquarters, Robinson said. The JNC will notify applicants of the time for their interview. Robinson said the commission will select and recommend to the governor from among those deemed “qualified,” a short list of as many as five people. The new short list will be in addition to the one the governor has already received.

The net result? If you thought the choices of Hines’ replacement were narrowed by one yesterday, it did not. Who ultimately gets the seat, and does it require a special election – given that sitting legislators Senator Bill Cowsert and Rep Andy Welch are on the existing short list, and others may be potentially added? Stay tuned.

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