Felix and Oscar redux

Apparently, Felix Ungar and Oscar Madison have reappeared in Washington in the form of Georgia’s 9th District Congressman Doug Collins and New York’s 8th District Congressman Hakeem Jefferies. At least according to a recent Politico article by Heather Caygle and some successful pieces of legislation co-sponsored by the unlikeliest of partners.

Congressman Collins reflected on this unusual partnership this way,

We can come together and the partnership that developed, it literally shows you can change things up here… our friendship is based on a respect that is deeper than legislation.

Congressman Jefferies shared this observation of his unlikely partner,

He’s obviously got a head for the work and a heart for the people and has drawn from his experiences both as a lawyer and as a pastor. I think that combination really made it clear he’d be a great partner to try to get some things done here in Congress.

Their jointly sponsored prison reform bill still faces some strong opposition in the Senate but perhaps that resistance will cement this odd couple’s relationship. A modern-day Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill? Maybe. Or maybe just an opportunity to get more done in Washington on a bi-partisan basis.

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