I bet Linda Tripp takes screenshots of all of her texts

That is if anyone actually “talks” to her anymore… but I digress.

Wednesday night Chip Lake (@RedZone on Twitter) posted a couple of screenshots sent to him by LT. Governor candidate Geoff Duncan. These texts are purportedly between Geoff and Rick Jeffares. We cannot confirm this, but wanted to show how easy it is to either:

1. Have all of your words recorded forever
2. Fake a text conversation that will be held against you (your results may vary)
3. Help blogs find clickbait titles

Here are screenshots of screenshots:

So, it looks like one politician calls out another politician for meeting with a politician that he is running against after the other politician said that he was going to endorse him… Guess what, the politician being called out decided not to endorse that politician and decided to endorse the politician that he wanted to see “sweat”. Gross (not the endorsement).

Now, we all know politics is a petty place where people yell at each other over all the little things in life that they are pissed off about and feel the government should/should not fix, meddle in, or regulate. Politics is a contact sport… hurt feeling and being lied to (allegedly) are all part of the game and should be expected.

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MRW I read “Linda Tripp”:comment image

Lea Thrace
Lea Thrace

This. Is. Stupid.

(The petty tiff I mean.)