Music Modernization Act

When compared with tax reform, rural broadband, immigration reform and the other grandiose plans coming out of Washington, updating copyright laws seems a little mundane. However, as 9th District Congressman Doug Collins points out in his recent op-ed in The Hill, there are millions of dollars available to the overall economy with some timely adjustment to copyright laws as they apply to music.

This “bulk NOI” shortcut has taken millions of dollars in income out of the pockets of songwriters who rely on streaming services to find the proper owners of music and issue those owners prompt and appropriate payment. It’s also left tech companies legally exposed when they use music without knowing or paying its owners.

The Music Modernization Act would bring the copyright laws into the 21st Century while spinning off numerous benefits to the industry and to the overall economy. The bill has bipartisan support and the backing of some of the biggest organizations/associations in the music industry.

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