Tuesday Morning Reads – November 21, 2017

So, the regular Tuesday person is out, and I volunteered. I don’t know why, but I did. I hope I don’t screw this up.

Here’s some good music to listen to while you read.

The DOJ is not happy with AT&T decision to buy Time Warner (which owns Turner Broadcast and CNN) – Link

Uber is coming to North Georgia. Finally. – Link

Charlie Manson is dead. Finally. – Link

The Donald is formally calling The Un naughty, and North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism. – Link

The feds have decided that the escaped tiger in suburban Atlanta is worthy of an investigation. – Link

So bad parenting is now a payday? – Link

Note the Cagle campaign… less coffee. Much less coffee.

Another volley in the Net Neutrality tennis match. This time, full repeal. I think we’ve heard something about “repeal” before… – Link

There is now a “Museum of the Bible” in DC funded by the CEO of Hobby Lobby. All exhibits were meticulously crafted by southern grandmothers using clearance items from the local Hobby Lobby stores. – Link

Mary Norwood calls out Keisha Bottoms to disclose “personal tax returns, including all tax and property liens and failure to pay bills, such as water bills. And release your tax returns for the past eight years from your business, Keisha Lance Bottoms and Associates, as well as all sources of household income including that from your husband Derek Bottoms.” – Link


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