Jimmy Carter Earns Top Pharmaceutical Science Prize

Add the Prix Gaillen Pro Bono Humanum Award to the list of accolades bestowed upon Jimmy Carter.

The Gaillen Foundation announced yesterday that President Carter will be this year’s honoree on Oct. 26 at a glitzy gala in NYC.

Dr. P. Roy Vagelos, Chairman of the Prix Galien USA Committee said they decided to award the prize to our favorite Georgia Peach President because:

“President Carter follows in a long line of recipients who demonstrate the basic humanitarian impulse – a desire for excellence in pursuit of the common good. That has always been the driving premise of new medical research. We welcome President Carter and The Carter Center to our roster of principled leaders in health.”

In case you were wondering, the prize “recognizes innovative individual and group efforts to improve the human condition through the application of biomedical science to problems in developing or underserved populations worldwide.”

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