Is Hank Johnson Already Backing Kamala Harris for President?

I’ll start by saying: let’s pump the brakes on 2020 POTUS speculation….he says unironically.

Anyway, NBC News started poking around to see who Black Democratic leaders are starting to support in the 2020 Presidential race. Sens. Corey Booker and Kamala Harris are the way-too-early front-runners.

Cong. Hank Johnson, still harboring some bitterness about Hillary Clinton’s loss, unleashed some of that acidity toward President Trump while maybe, possibly indicating support for Sen. Harris.

Quoth Johnson: “Due to artificial encumbrances, the nation was deprived of its first female president. Perhaps that can be addressed in the 2020 election.”

Johnson endorsed Stacey Abrams early in the 2018 gubernatorial primary so I suppose he’s free to focus even further down the line. 



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2 years ago

Id like to know if anyone can tell me 1 single piece of legislation Hank Johnson has authored and passed? Just one……Id vote for Vincent Fort over Hank Johnson. At least Fort has a sense of humor. Ever wonder why Dekalb county is a $hith0le …….cause we keep electing clowns like Hank and actually expect him to do something.

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