Congressman Ferguson on Tax Reform Meeting

For the last several months, Congressman Ferguson (GA-03) has been wildly optimistic about tax reform. He is wildly optimistic about a lot of things, really. As a former Congressional staffer, I speak from experience when I say that I know how easy it is to become jaded about the world we are living in. But that is not Drew Ferguson. It’s refreshing to hear him speak, on any given day, on any given subject, about how he sees the world and Washington. It’s refreshing because he has hope. And we all need a little bit of that.

Yesterday, Congressman Ferguson was invited to meet with President Trump to discuss a variety of subjects, but tax reform was a big one. In a press release sent last night, Congressman Ferguson had this to say:

“I was honored to be asked to participate in today’s meeting with the President. We covered a number of important topics, but chief among them was tax reform. The people of the Third District sent me to Washington because I committed to reform our tax code and make America the most competitive place in the world to do business. I was glad to be a part of today’s conversation and offer the conservative voice on this issue. While I agree with the President’s focus on creating jobs and lowering taxes on the middle class, I will continue to fight to lower taxes for every American. The first step is to pass the conservative budget approved by my colleagues and I in the Committee on the Budget.”

I’m dying to know more, to get the details. And I believe those will come in time. I get it. It’s hard to feel optimistic about something as important as tax reform when we have heard it promised over and over again. But I have a good feeling about it these days and I believe that the fact that it is on the table at all is a good sign.


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