Open Thread, and Two Resources to Navigate Hurricane Irma

While we’re normally a political site, this weekend and the beginning of next week will see a serious hurricane/tropical storm/tropical depression hit (depending on what part of the state you’re in). Hurricane Irma has a lot of Georgians and a lot of visitors on the roads headed inland. Georgia 511 is a good way to monitor traffic speeds on the interstates. You may want to also download the FEMA app onto your phone, just in case. It will send you weather alerts for up to 5 locations and will list information regarding shelters nearby. It also has a good preparation list, if you need to do some last minute shopping.

Please be careful as Irma comes through. We don’t say it enough, but our readers are important to all of us, and we expect you all to be back here commenting in full force next week!

Now, enough with the seriousness. Consider this your weekend open thread.


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