Senators Isakson, Perdue Weigh In On President’s Military Plan

Tonight, President Trump gave a speech outlining changes in America’s strategy in Afghanistan and Southeast Asia. Senators Isakson and Perdue have sent along their thoughts, as follows:

Senator Isakson:

“I support a strategy in Afghanistan that protects our homeland and prevents Afghanistan from once again becoming a haven for terrorists to plot attacks against the United States. The president tonight outlined a tough and thoughtful strategy following the guidance of General Mattis and our military leaders. Our commanders in the field must have what they need to keep us safe and get the job done.”

Senator Perdue:

“President Trump and Secretary Mattis outlined a clear way forward for American involvement in Afghanistan. This is welcome news for our troops, our Afghan partners, and our allies working hard to eradicate terrorism and create stability. Due to weak leadership and arbitrary restrictions of President Obama’s Administration, the situation in Afghanistan is now at a stalemate. The Trump Administration’s regional approach will take into account the interrelationship of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India, while working to counter destructive foreign interests. Last month, I visited with General Nicholson, his commanders, the Afghan military and our troops on the ground, and this is exactly the type of plan and leadership from the White House they said they need.

“Tonight, Americans, our troops, and our allies heard directly from President Trump that the United States of America refuses to let Afghanistan become a safe haven for radical Islamic terrorists to mount global attacks. I look forward to working with Secretary Mattis and General Nicholson to ensure they have the resources needed to properly implement this strategy and ensure success in Afghanistan.”

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Andrew C. Pope
Andrew C. Pope

I mean, it’s no different than the Obama policy (which was just an acceleration of the Bush policy). But I guess Trump deserves a cookie for not sympathizing with the Nazis or burning out his retinas by staring at the sun.

Kudos to Perdue, by the way, for being a completely spineless coward re: Charlottesville but happily thumping his chest at the thought of dem big ole guns and fighter jets.


Loved the speech. The personification of strength. And…that….is why he’s loved!

Andrew C. Pope
Andrew C. Pope

You know what, Noway. I can get behind the idea of Trump spending the next 3 years reading prepared remarks that announce no significant departure from Obama-era policies.


Keep whistling past that scary graveyard, my friend….