An interview with a 7th Congressional District Candidate

Shane Hazel, who bills himself as a limited government Republican, filed the necessary paperwork this week to challenge Congressman Rob Woodall for the privilege of representing Georgia’s 7 Congressional District. Hazel, a native of Gwinnett County, is married with 3 young children and resides in Cumming. A Marine Corps veteran he is employed as a defense contractor that specializes in emerging technologies for Special Operations Commands.

On the issues, he is best characterized as a strict Ron Paul constitutionalist as his repeal the ACA and return to free market healthcare insurance sold across state lines approach would show. His first-hand experiences have led him to advocate for the dissolution of the Veteran’s Administration to be replaced with a Veteran’s Medical ID card to seek the necessary medical services in the private sector.

Hazel, a speaker at the recent Georgia Republican Assembly, checks off many of the conservative boxes on the 2nd amendment, flat or fair tax, balanced budget, fewer regulations and right to life issues. He also cited many areas for saving including dissolving the Department of Education, the DEA, ATF as well as eliminating the War of Poverty which he characterized as an abject failure. He also calls for an audit of the Department of Defense, believing there are many areas of waste that could be eliminated without jeopardizing our national security.

He has chosen to challenge his sitting Congressman because “Woodall has a 50% conservative voting record and often his rhetoric does not match his recorded votes”. Shane Hazel believes that our current method of running the government is unsustainable because we are spending too much, have been at war too long and the establishment class is not responsive to the citizens they were elected to represent.

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