UGA Professor: Choose Your Own Grade

Dr. Richard Watson, a Management Information Systems professor at UGA’s Terry College of Business, has gone viral by offering students a chance to “[indicate] what grade you think is appropriate” in his syllabi.

The syllabi, obtained by and posted below, allows students to judge if assignments makes them “unduly stressed” and promises that no explanation will be required. All tests are open notes and designed to assess “low level mastery of the course material.” Students may secede from group projects at will and opt-out of working with others entirely.

Russell Dye, a 2015 graduate of UGA and a former College Republican, emailed a “5 page manifesto” to President Jere Morehead in opposition to the policy. He was informed that the Dr. Watson has “removed the language from the syllabus” in an email posted below courtesy of Mr. Dye.

This being the internet, it’s important to connect passing ephemera to larger trends. Though average SAT scores have dropped in recent years, high school and four-year college grades continue to rise.

Make of that what you will. Be sure to judge your own work.


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