Collins legislation to increase veterans medical access

The Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014 gives veterans access to medical care from private providers under certain conditions. In practice the VA choose to ignore the spirit of the law and limit that access. Today Georgia 9th District Congressman Doug Collins introduced legislation to improve veterans ability to receive private health care options when their access to VA services is restricted.

Congressman Collins commented on the continuing problems at the VA and the role of the Expanding Veterans’ Access to Choice Act:

“The current reality is that men and women who have risked their well-being on behalf of their fellow Americans now face bureaucratic opposition when they attempt to schedule a doctor’s appointment. This is unacceptable.”

Author: IrishPat

Patrick Malone is a Business Advisor and Leadership Mentor headquartered in Blairsville, Georgia. He co-hosts Mountain Mornings, a weekday local news program, and hosts This Week in Blairsville a weekend program on WJUL/WJRB. He is a mentor in Union County High School, President of his church Council and President of LMMA Inc. a non-profit focused on motorcycle awareness and safety.

1 thought on “Collins legislation to increase veterans medical access”

  1. Oh look.

    Preacher Doug woke up and decided to enact some American sounding legislation. Why? For veterans?

    Naaah, he has suddenly pulled a LOT of attention at his offices by very vocal constituents back here in the 9th with his ObummaCare vote, including drawing a serious Democrat Challenger, Joshua Hall out of Gainesville. Who is running. Like…now. And will for the next couple of years.

    If we only knew earlier it was this easy to motivate him!

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