The Fun (Birthday) Adventures Of Ed And Cody

Sure, the headline sounds like a bad show on the Disney Channel.  It’s also part of our reality.  Two of our contributors, Ed Hula and Cody Hall, apparently are having birthdays today.

Ed has been with us for quite a while.  Seriously, he won’t go away.  From a pseudonym at the old place when I started commenting to a named contributor when I took over to today’s “Best Morning Reads Ever that day”, Ed’s been with us for a while. I think he’s finally in his thirties.

Cody is a bit newer and with a new job a bit more infrequent, but still tries to keep us straight (or at least, something he can defend to Dr. Charles Bulloch.) It’s not just his birthday, but he has only a couple of weeks left to be a single man. Congratulate and/or warn him now.

Happy birthday to you both, gents.

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