Georgia Congressional Delegation Responds To Airstrikes In Syria

Below are the statements we’ve received from Georgia’s Congressional delegation on tonight’s strike on a military airfield in Syria.

From Senator Isakson:

“I salute the brave men and women of the U.S. military who conducted these operations tonight. President Trump’s decision to strike the Assad regime’s air base where chemical weapons were deployed against the innocent people of Syria earlier this week sends a clear signal to the world that war crimes such as these will not be tolerated. I support the president’s swift and decisive action to punish this dictatorship for the atrocities committed.”

From Senator Perdue:

“Assad is a tyrant and his chemical weapon attack against innocent civilians this week was beyond inhumane. This will not be tolerated. After six years of inaction by the Obama Administration, I am glad to see that President Trump is willing to stand up for these innocent victims and stop those responsible for this violence. I commend our brave servicewomen and men who are carrying out this vital mission tonight.”

From Congressman Loudermilk:

“I support the precise action President Trump has taken against the Assad regime in Syria. Using chemical weapons against the Syrian people, including women and children, is an evil and unconscionable act which warrants international response.”

We will update tomorrow as we receive additional statements.


From Congressman Doug Collins:

“This week’s chemical attacks in Syria came from a wicked regime that slaughtered its own citizens, including women and children. Inaction has characterized the United States’ response to the Assad government for too long, and last night America took appropriate action. We need a decisive strategy for restoring justice and human rights in Syria, and we in Congress look forward to working with the President to develop that plan.”

From Congressman Jody Hice:

“My heart aches at the horrific images that came out of Syria earlier this week. I stand with the President and commend his swift and decisive action. I have the deepest appreciation for our brave men and women in uniform for their efforts and execution which make it possible for the United States to send a strong message to Assad and the international community that his actions are unacceptable. Moving forward, it is critically important that the Administration engage with Congress and clearly communicate its strategy for the region with the American people.”

From Congressman Carter:

“Last night President Trump and the United States of America made clear that our resolve will not be tested and the Assad regime’s slaughter of innocent people, including women and children, will no longer be tolerated. I strongly support the tactical strikes as passiveness in Syria has only worked to exacerbate the situation. While military action should never be taken lightly, the barbaric regime must be held accountable and be made aware that we are watching and will react accordingly.”


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