Breaking: The Speaker is Running…

…away from answering questions about if he is considering a bid for Governor in 2018.

As reported by the AJC, the Speaker was asked point blank about a run for Governor and answered in neither the affirmative or the negative. He brought up what he would be looking for in good candidate, and oddly enough it fit into the narrative of what he had just spoken about. He even got some friendly jabs in at the Senate and their, um, issues with leadership. 

So, needless to say, the final days of this session could be a little icy between the House and Senate. Next year’s session should be extremely entertaining with the plethora of posturing that will happen. 

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle has not been shy about his yearning for an office on the 2nd Floor.  (Even Brian Kemp has one!)  It appears he’s actively moving in that direction, as there’s already a pre-season meet & greet featuring Cagle at the Home of Brad and Michelle Carver.

The big question is, if Ralston decides that the governor’s mansion beats the north Georgia mountains what bills are more likely to be passed, and which chamber is going to lay claim to them?

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