NWGA courts utilize MySpace platform for public information portal

My day job today brought me to an issue in the far reaching corners of northwest Georgia. In my search, I was directed to the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit webpage, but in order to access any information, I had to travel back in time to the 1980s – and for a brief moment, the 1960s.

Turn up the sound and click these links:

and perhaps the creepiest of all: District Attorney Buzz Franklin

These are the official webpages of elected officials.

I don’t know if we’re supposed to laugh or cry. The landing page echos much of what we all remember from our MySpace pages back in 2001 and the links hardly provide any electronic information, but these fine folks managed to upload sound blurbs to their respective pages?

Some of those NWGA county salaries – elected and appointed – are pretty hefty. Perhaps just a smidgen of that could be forfeited next year to help the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit build a website that can display more than a blank blog comments section.

This is the twilight zone. Live long and prosper.


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