A budget vote, an old arrest and there will be consequences


While the timing is curious, the pressure on freshman State Rep Matt Gurtler (R-Tiger) is increasing because of a 2013 arrest for obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

As reported by the AJC, Rep. Gurtler was a passenger in the car of a driver arrested for driving under the influence by North Georgia College Police. According to the police report Gurtler failed to obey the officer’s command to stay in the car and was later arrested.

On January 13, 2017, a few days after the current general session convened, an Enotah assistant District Attorney filled paperwork not to prosecute the case as Representative Gurtler had completed a pre-trial diversionary program and paid a $250 fine.

We contacted Representative Gurtler and received his statement to his constituents in District 8 that said in part:

“This incident occurred 4 years ago and after requesting a jury trial to clear my name the District Attorney dismissed the obstruction charge…This is the Atlanta Liberal media and career politicians attacking our district because I have voted for our shared values and am working on your behalf…This is the type of politics that people have come to hate. I will continue to work on your behalf and I appreciate the support I have received from the district…”


Author: IrishPat

Patrick Malone is a Business Advisor and Leadership Mentor headquartered in Blairsville, Georgia. He co-hosts Mountain Mornings, a weekday local news program, and hosts This Week in Blairsville a weekend program on WJUL/WJRB. He is a mentor in Union County High School, President of his church Council and President of LMMA Inc. a non-profit focused on motorcycle awareness and safety.

4 thoughts on “A budget vote, an old arrest and there will be consequences”

    1. Well something doesn’t add up. So he asked for a jury trial but paid a fine anyway? Does that make sense?
      But ultimately who cares. Either he will assimilate or he will get ground into the carpet at the Capitol, and I wouldn’t think this story is going to effect his fate one way or another.

      edit: I did learn a new word though: Enotah. Thanks Pat!

  1. It’s standard to ask for a jury trial when pleading not guilty. The $250 was probably the cost of the pretrial program. So, just a plea deal. Why that took over 3 years? It could’ve been stayed or dead-docketed for one of a number of reasons…

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