“Stand on Principle, even if you stand alone.” John Adams

As Charlie noted in his post on the supplemental budget there was a lone “no” vote from freshman Representative Matt Gurtler (R-Clayton). In the Representative’s own words in explaining his vote his constituents Gurtler stated:

Fundamentally I believe that government has no business meddling in the private sector, via subsidies. Governments sole purpose is to protect life, liberty, and property. That’s it. The 2017 Amended budget is considered the “small budget” at $606 million, and while the budget has some great things in there such as the pay raises for our State Troopers, of which I’m very happy to see happen! However, there was $86.5 million of subsidies I found particularly egregious. And while I understand there are times for compromises, I believe some one had to take a stand.

The money in question was $86.5 million out a total supplemental of $606 million. $36.5 million for Regional Economic Business Assistance (REBA) and Georgia ONE. The remaining $50 million is for Cyber Range, a public private partnership.

Constituent comments on Rep. Gurtler’s Facebook page are universally favorable as of this posting.

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Sorry, but the Rep. and those constituents may not understand the difference between a subsidy and a loan program. Or realize, beyond the Patrick Henry sound bite, that the state has an affirmative power to tend to the health and welfare of its citizens. Welfare meaning economic security. Or realize that an ounce of investment in jobs can prevent a pound of wasted efforts in law enforcement,e.g. Sounds well-intentioned but under-informed.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

I fancy myself as paying more attention that the typical citizen, but I’ve never heard of the Regional Economic Business Assistance (REBA) or Cyber Range, and am not very knowledgeable about Georgia One.

I’d appreciate enlightenment, even if it’s only a link.


“REBA is an incentive program that is used to help “close the deal” when companies are considering Georgia and another state or country for their location or expansion. REBA funds may be used to finance various fixed-asset needs of a company including infrastructure, real estate acquisition, construction, or machinery and equipment. A local development authority must be the applicant for a REBA application and the application must be supported by a recommendation letter from a state agency, typically the Georgia Department of Economic Development.”