Speaker Ralston Appoints Richard Hyde To JQC

Speaker David Ralston has made his appointment to the Judicial Qualifications Commission, picking Richard Hyde of the firm Balch & Bingham. Hyde is not unfamiliar with the JQC, having previously served as an investigator and member of the body. He has the reputation of being somewhat of a “bulldog”, which is not a reference to that awesome school in Athens.

The appointment was made possible by the passing of November’s “Amendment 3”, which allocated appointments to the JQC to additional elected officials. Previously, Lt Governor Casey Cagle appointed Forsyth County Commissioner Brian Tam to the body.

The JQC conducts investigations and hearings with respect to complaints of ethical misconduct by Georgia judges and is also authorized to issue Advisory Opinions regarding appropriate judicial conduct. Mr. Hyde has previously served as an investigator and a member of the JQC. His appointment will expire on June 30, 2017.


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