A Note About Jon

Many of us took a short break around the holidays. A lot of us used that time with family or otherwise play catch up. Our Editor in Chief, Jon Richards, used his to get treatment for some recurring back pain. Many of you are noticing that Jon is still on his break. His has been extended for a while longer.

Jon’s doctors noticed some irregularities during his initial exam before Christmas. After additional tests and a few invasive procedures, we now know Jon has cancer. His prognosis involves radiation and chemotherapy, and likely some form of recuperation in an in-patient physical therapy/rehabilitation facility.

Jon’s spirits remain good. He misses the daily posting and regrets he’s going to miss the festivities that kick off the General Assembly and sitting in his normal chair in the House Press Gallery for at least a few weeks.

We’re going to miss him too. A lot. He not only carries the load of posting much of our news, but also shoulders most of the burdens of playing traffic cop and other administrative duties. He’s made this place his own. I’m proud of what he’s done with it, and the role he’s carved out in the Capitol Press Corps.

It’s a lot more important that he focus on his health than our day to day activities, however. I want Jon focused on his battle ahead, not on the daily skirmishes of politics. That’s the best way to get him back well, no matter how long that takes. That said, neither he nor I believe he’s going to be fully quiet during his treatment. We’ll likely have a post or three as he sees fit, with the dateline from the treatment center of his choice.

As such, the rest of us will be covering the day to day news and analysis as best we can. I’ll be a bit more active in the short term, so watch your threadjacks. Others will be pitching in at a higher level as well.

As for Jon, he likes visitors but it’s best to call before you go. He and I both believe in the power of prayer and those of you who do as well are asked donate one or three. He’s at the beginning of a journey with a tough road ahead. The path is uncertain, but he won’t be alone. We’ve got his back. Join us as you can. And his seat here and at the Capitol remains open when he’s ready for them.


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