Results Of 2016 GeorgiaPol College Pick’em

And the trophy goes to…..

Debbie Whelchel!

She bested the rest of us in this year’s College Pick’em.  Her yuuuuge prize package* includes the wonderful trophy seen here as well as the honor of buying Charlie a beer at the next Roadshow.  A steak dinner with Ed was an original part of the package, but that’s been withdrawn since he said that he intended to make steak only for himself since he was going to win.  Or something.

Anyway, congratulations to Debbie our big winner.  Second place goes to GeorgiaPol’s own Ginny, so y’all congratulate them in the comments and maybe they’ll share some of their Pick’em secrets with you.  For the rest of our participants, better luck next year.  The final standings can be found below the fold:

2016 GeorgiaPol College Pick’em Final Standings

*Yuuuuge prize if you have tiny hands.

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