2 Year Old Complaint Against David Ralston is Finally Resolved

A two and a half year old complaint against House Speaker David Ralston has finally been settled in Ralston’s favor. The complaint, which dealt with the way Ralston handled escrow money of one of the clients in his law practice, was essentially settled last month, with Ralston agreeing to accept a minor reprimand from the State Bar. More serious charges against the Speaker were dropped. The agreement needed to be accepted by the State Supreme Court, which the court did today.

Ralston’s attorney, James Balli, issued the following statement:

From the first day this matter was reported, we said this was nothing more than an honest mistake made while helping a client’s family pay for medicine and other necessities. As determined by the Special Master and confirmed today by an unanimous Supreme Court, all of the other accusations and speculation were absolutely false. While somewhat biased, I believe anyone who engaged in furthering such rumormongering owes my client an apology. However, knowing his commitment to public service, I am certain the Speaker will put this matter behind him and continue to focus on moving our state forward.

I do know he is very grateful to his family and friends for their unwavering support throughout this ordeal.

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