Sponsor A Millennial Today

Administrations are changing, and we all need to do our part. If the GOP Congress gets to cut into many of the programs that cost the federal government money, charities and individuals need to be prepared to stand in and fill the gap. As such, perhaps you want to get ahead of the curve and sponsor your own millennial today:


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I work, but I’m still willing to take donations. Cash or check. Not tax deductible, but I’ll toast to the donor’s honor. Or something.

Jon Richards
Jon Richards

There is an interesting connection between this video and #gapol, although one generation removed. So, I guess it’s relevant.


I was once a twenty-something art school grad who drank coffee with steamed milk and lime flavored La Crox water. Where was this awareness of my pain and suffering when I was an overworked intern working two jobs, studying for my license in reference books only found in a public library at the time – which had to STAY in the building, forced to have basic 14 channel cable on a 17″ TV tube, and driving a 10 year old Geo Spectrum? Where was Generation X International when I needed them? Once again the “my parents where the greatest generation… Read more »