Georgia State Reacts to the Presidential Election

More than a week after voting ended, demonstrators continue to protest the results of the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. In Atlanta, many of the protests occurred in and around the Georgia State University campus, including at least one event initiated by GSU students, according to the Georgia State Signal.

Two campus groups, the International Socialist Organization and the Progressive People’s Party organized a march from Piedmont Park to downtown. One reason for the march, according to one of the organizers, Tara Dixon, told the Signal that Trump is a bad fit because of the campus’s diversity. “Our campus is one of the most diverse campuses in all of the nation and he wants to attack anyone who’s different from him.”

The ongoing protests let Georgia State President Mark Becker to send the following broadcast email to the GSU community:

To the Georgia State community,

The recent presidential campaign and election have stirred up strong emotions across the political spectrum. There have been reports of incidents of disrespectful and hateful acts at some universities nationally. There is no place for such acts at Georgia State University.

As one of the nation’s most diverse institutions, Georgia State should stand as a model for our state and the country. Diversity of thought must be embraced, just as we embrace other forms of diversity. When exercising your First Amendment right to freedom of speech, remember to do so with respect and civility.

Open dialogue and debate are fundamental at Georgia State as at all of America’s best colleges and universities. It is also fundamental that all discussions and disagreements be conducted with mutual respect. Seek to understand, as well as to be understood. It is important that we embrace these principles to ensure an inclusive and supportive environment for every member of our Georgia State community. I call on the Georgia State family to be unified in embracing these principles that are fundamental to our democracy.

Mark P. Becker

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