Trump and Isakson Lead in Georgia Ahead of Tuesday’s Elections

A statewide poll of 1,200 likely Georgia voters shows Republican Donald Trump leading Democrat Hillary Clinton, 49-46%, with Libertarian Gary Johnson getting 3.1% of the vote. 2.2% remain undecided. The same poll predicts Republican Johnny Isakson will win without a runoff in his race, with 52% of the vote. Democrat Jim Barksdale would get 41%, Libertarian Allen Buckley would get 3.7%, and 3.1% remain undecided.

The poll was conducted by Landmark Communications / Rosetta Stone on Sunday, and has a 2.8% margin of error. Landmark President Mark Rountree commented, “The share of voters who say they will vote for a Libertarian candidate has declined over the final days of the election, with some of those voters choosing between the candidates with a realistic chance to win. Both Trump and Senator Isakson will benefit from that. Once the remaining few undecided voters make their choice, Trump will have a shot of crossing the 50% mark in Georgia, and barring major last minute changes, Senator Isakson should win without a runoff.”

The poll’s crosstabs show that Trump is favored by 54% of men and 51% of women. Trump would win 68% of the white vote, while Clinton would receive 87.5% of the African American vote. 10% of Republicans would vote for Clinton, while 8% of Democrats would vote for Trump. In the Senate race, Isakson leads Barksdale in all age groups. Isakson does better with whites, at 71%, than does Trump, and he also earns more of the male vote than Trump, with 56.5%. However, women favored Trump more than Isakson, who would receive 48% of the vote. Full crosstabs are after the jump.

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