Justice Department to Monitor Elections in Three Georgia Counties

The U.S. Department of Justice announced today that it will place poll monitors in 67 jurisdictions in 28 states for tomorrow’s election. Here in Georgia, the department will have personnel in Fulton, Gwinnett and Hancock counties. The department’s monitors will be fluent in Spanish and Asian languages, and will look for cases of racial or other discrimination, whether jurisdictions comply with regulations for dealing with disabled people, and whether the proper procedures for provisional ballots are being followed.

Fulton and Gwinnett counties are the two largest in Georgia. For the first time, a majority of Gwinnett’s registered voters are non white. Hancock county was in the news this summer for allegedly disenfranchising minority voters.

The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division will have personnel available to take complaints about unfair voting practices or voter fraud. They can be reached at 800-253-3931. You can also call Georgia’s Voter Fraud Hotline at 877-725-9797. If you prefer you can use the state’s voter fraud form.

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